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5 Ways To Enjoy The Secrets Of Holden Beach

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Did we have any idea what to expect on our way to Holden Beach? Nope! It was Monday, of Labor Day Weekend – the National Holiday that symbolically marks the end of Summer in the US. We saw bumper to bumper traffic headed back toward the interior of the state, while we were one of the few vehicles on our way to the beach! It was almost like we were heading the wrong direction!

That’s what we love about traveling full time; being able to see our destinations on the off-peak occasions. Sarah and I are afforded the opportunity to see places when the crowds are smaller, or even non-existent. We feel that this allows for a more intimate experience of the area. I could go on about this topic, but perhaps I’ll save that for another blog post.

Reading on, I’ll outline what we learned about Holden Beach and the surrounding area. Perhaps it will assist you with your visit to the area, or lend you a starting point for your own personal adventure. We hope that you enjoy 5 Ways To Enjoy The Secrets Of Holden Beach:

1.) RV Park & Campground

We arrived at our campground with travel trailer in tow. Upon first impression, the RV park and campground we chose, felt isolated due to being tucked back into the lush vegetation. Checking in went smoothly. We were escorted through the winding roads of the park, eventually reaching the site were we would reside for the next 7 nights.

Upon reaching our site, our escort stepped off of his utility cart and welcomed us home as he pointed out the size of our new front yard, and the features it offered. With a smile and a wave, he was off; on his way to assist others in the park. We took to the task of setting up for our stay.

Our stay at Holden Beach RV Campground would turn out to be one of the best we’ve experienced! Why? Well, their WiFi works, for starters. That’s huge when you rely on good WiFi to get work done. They also offer a free trolley that will shuttle you to the beach and back. This park is quiet, relaxing, and the staff are super friendly!

To our surprise, their annual luau was happening during our stay. Yep, luau, complete with roast pig, hula dancers, lei making, hula lessons, and fire dancing after sunset. All free to the campground guests that happen to be staying there at that time. We truly had no idea, so it was an awesome surprise! Thanks HBRV!

This is a great place to call home while exploring the area. We would stay here again, without hesitation!

2.) Fishing

North Carolina is one of the few states that offer non-resident saltwater fishing licenses at (what we consider) a reasonable cost. A ten day saltwater fishing license will set you back a mere $13. after all is said and done. That’s easily the DAILY rate in other states!

The friendly folks at Fish Headz suggested that we go to The Rod & Reel Shop for our license and tackle needs. We found the shop just a short distance down the street, and were in and out with our new fishing licenses in just a couple of minutes. You know when you can sense that a person loves what they do, in their knowledge, and the way they conduct business? That’s the people at The Rod & Reel Shop!

3.) Beaches

Holden Beach has a “feel” to it. Perhaps it was the time of year (being after Labor Day), or maybe it’s the same all year long. Holden exudes a welcoming, laid back, kind of “yesteryear” sort of vibe. It’s not crowded with posh, exclusive resorts like many beach towns.

After driving across the bridge onto the island, you’ll find streets to the left and right. Those streets continue pretty much straight down to each end of the strand. Houses and the occassional beach shop line both sides of the street, with a beach access parking area located here and there. Vacation rental homes are abundant here – though you may have to book well in advance of your stay, due to their popularity.

If you drive back toward the mainland, under the bridge, you’ll find some shops and restaurants, a public boat launch, community park, and a small fishing pier. There is also a public restroom, and plenty of parking, so you can get out and explore on foot!

4.) Local Food

Whether you’re into creating gourmet meals using fresh, local ingredients, or prefer to sample the offerings of neighborhood restaurants, Holden Beach has something to satisfy. Mermaid’s Island Grill is one of the recommendations given to us upon checking into our RV park. Another area favorite is LouLou’s Waterfront Restaurant. Out of the way, and tucked behind a boat yard, LouLou’s still draws a huge crowd!

Looking to cook up some delicious, fresh caught seafood? Check out Fish Headz Holden Beach. Fresh produce can be found at the grocery store, but saavy insiders might prefer Ludlum’s Produce for something locally gown. Although we didn’t see it, we hear they often have a food truck selling fresh made donuts on site! Be sure to check that out!

It’s no secret that North Carolina can get hot in the summer. With the humidity, it can get downright ugly hot! That’s where Sunset Slush comes to the rescue! Their Italian ice is a welcome treat – but beware the brain freeze!

In search of coffee? You won’t find a Starbucks in Holden Beach, but you will find Cafe Ahora. In my opinion, a better find if you’re looking for unique brews. Check out their menu at the above link.

5.) Exploring

Holden Beach is on an island, accessible by a bridge across the Intracoastal Waterway from Supply, North Carolina (on the mainland). The town of Shallotte is located northwest. Take a short drive east, and you’ll find Oak Island, St. James, and Southport. Ocean Isle Beach is located on another island to the west.

All of these nearby towns are worth exploring. You’ll see that the neighboring islands and beach towns each have very distinct feeling, unlike Holden Beach, and yet all their own. They offer a variety of restaurants, beach shops, marinas, parks, and other attractions. I think it’s neccessary to point out that you may have to pay for parking at many beach access points in these areas, unlike Holden Beach. In my opinion, that’s just part of the yesteryear charm of Holden Beach!

It is experiences like those we had in Holden Beach, that answer the question we asked in this earlier blog post: What Are We Doing And Why?

– Mike, The Unplanned Route.

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