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What are we doing and why? Will it be beautiful?

By UnplannedRoute May14,2021 #life #travel
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As I sit here and think about the next huge step in our lives I have to wonder…..why? Why sell off most (not all) of our possessions and move into a travel trailer? Why travel across the continent? The last question isn’t a why it’s a what…. What are we doing?

If you have read my past blogs (you really should do that) you’ll know that we worked very hard to obtain what we have. We’ve given up time with family and friends etc. to have this life; now that we have it we are wondering if the things are worth it. We have come to the decision that NO, it’s not worth it. We have given our time up in order to collect possessions, not memories. So there it is, that’s why we are selling off most of our things to move into a travel trailer, we want to make memories.

Now to address the question, Why travel across the continent? This is easy! We have always loved to travel, road trip in fact. We both love the idea of hitting the open road, to see knew things, experience life from a different perspective. We aren’t knew to traveling across country, in fact we did it when we were first married, twice. I believe that is when the travel bug bit us and hasn’t let go.

Final question from above, What are we doing? After a ton of discussion and contemplation on this idea of giving up possessions and traveling the states, we came up with the following; We did what we were supposed to, we lived the American Dream. We worked hard, bought a house, raised 2 kids, volunteered in the community, worked more, etc. In the end of this 20 plus year stretch we realized that yes we had good times, however, we were no longer happy with what we were doing. Our work didn’t bring us joy, the house was suffocating and heck we wanted to travel.

The take away from all of this is; collect memories, not things. Do what you want and are capable of, don’t wait for someone else to do it for you. Go live your dream, not what you think someone else expects of you. Go make your own happy, you deserve it!

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